Since its inception in 1990, Tomaro has maintained the highest standard of excellence in design and construction while committing to complete client satisfaction. We want our clients to feel as comfortable with their buildings as they do with us. We believe that clients deserve respect, reassurance and professionalism and that listening carefully to them and being responsive to their needs results in the most successful projects.

Tomaro continues to maintain this philosophy while serving a clientele comprised predominantly of referrals and repeat clients. 

Tomaro recognizes that a well designed and constructed building can make an enormous impact on its occupants. We have the capacity and ambition to bring innovative design off the page and into the built environment and we appreciate our clients who give us the opportunity to do so.


Tomaro’s expert team of architects and support staff provides guidance through every step of the design process, helping to make the client's dream a reality. Tomaro appreciates and encourages the close relationship between owner and architect, and believes that open dialogue, effective communication and thorough exploration are essential in a successful design process. To showcase our unique designs and aid in design development, Tomaro employs 3-D models, digital imaging, and hand-drawn color renderings.

We recognize that a well-designed building has immeasurable impact on its occupants. Our creative designs integrate functional spaces and flowing circulation into cohesive and intriguing buildings. Our forward-thinking architecture emphasizes natural light and spaces that capture views.